Summer Road Trip: Days 1-3

Day 1: Oklahoma City to Gallop, New Mexico

Brian, Addy, and Luke headed off in the conversion van on a Wednesday with over 1,000 miles to travel before Thursday afternoon when they would pick up me, Wyatt, and Lucy at the Phoenix airport.

They made it all the way to Gallop, New Mexico that first day (695 miles from our house in Oklahoma). They ate dinner at a fun little Mexican restaurant where people came in off the streets to sell bracelets and candies and necklaces.

Day 2: Gallop, NM to Phoenix, Arizona

The next day they headed to Phoenix to pick up me and Wyatt and Lucy. We had a 2 hour flight from OKC to Phoenix….where no one slept, and there were zero movies watched, but we did okay.


Phoenix was really just a stopping point for us on our way to the Grand Canyon, but we definitely did some serious swimming in that hotel pool.

Day 3: Phoenix, AZ to Williams, Arizona

After our one night stay in Phoenix, we hit the road for the quick trip to Williams, Arizona.

We found this cute little Bed and Breakfast in Williams, Arizona that was kid friendly (it’s actually the only kid friendly B&B in Williams) with a fun old Western theme. The inn keepers at Trapper’s Rendezvous were more than welcoming. We felt at home from the moment we drove up. We had a 2 bedroom unit that worked out really well for our crew.

Lucy and Wyatt immediately be-friended the next door neighbor’s ca,t also named Lucy and proceeded to follow her around for the next 2 days. We lived in the outdoor space here. The kids explored all over the property, and we spent lots of time sitting on the front porch.

That first day in Williams we were adjusting…mostly to the 2 hour time difference, so we took it easy on day one, and made our plans for day 2 when we would head to the Grand Canyon. We did head into town and grab some dinner at Cruisers and do some exploring. Williams, Arizona is a historic Route 66 town that many people travel to for the train that goes into the Gand Canyon.

Bedtime was early for everyone on day 3. We were all a little cranky and maybe a little overwhelmed to be honest. The scenery at Trapper’s Rendezvous was exactly what my soul needed though. The big kids and I played hide and go seek after Lucy went to bed that night. Those are the kinds of memories that may make the biggest impact on my babes during this trip. Playing, snuggling, exploring, maybe that’s what this trip is really all about.

I’m not sure yet if we’re crazy or brilliant bringing our kids on the road for 25 days. It may be a combination of both. The first 3 days were challenging, but the parts of this trip that make the most sense to me so far are the parts that have happened on this porch in a little town in Arizona looking out over the mountain range, listening to the familiar sounds of the rooster crowing next door.

On that third night, Brian and I sat out here and talked about the things that bring us stress and anxiety and overwhelm. On the list for both of us was our home and the mounting amount of projects that it holds for us in the near future. It’s been a stressor for him for a while. It’s something that we can both feel the weight of now. And it seems even more clear here, out on the road, that home needs to be a sacred space for us, not something we’re worried about constantly keeping up with.

It’s quiet here at this little bed and breakfast right off the highway. I can see the semis flying by on the highway from the porch, but it’s not loud. It still feels peaceful. I think it’s the mountain range in the back drop, it makes the noise and the movement of the highway have less power.

Tomorrow we’ll head to the Grand Canyon, and then on to Las Vegas, and even though we aren’t staying on the strip, I know we won’t have this scenery or this quiet space. I’ll miss this place for sure.

After Las Vegas, we have no plans. None at all. California coast is where we’re headed, but specifically, we’re not quite clear. We do not have a single other placed booked on the remaining 20 days of this road trip. I don’t know if that makes us crazy or brilliant either. I guess you could say we are literally flying by the seat of our pants. We’re exploring together.

Tomorrow’s update is all about day 4 at the Grand Canyon, and the things we’re learning about ourselves and each other out here on the road.


{Also, the entire time I’ve been sitting out here writing this update, Lucy has been playing outside without a single toy. She’s searched for and found the neighbor’s cat, thrown rocks, climbed on picnic tables, walked to the neighbor’s fence to pet the goats, played with the metal flowers adorning the water troughs being used as planters in front of the cabins, and mimicked the crow of the rooster. And she’s completely content, and honestly, so am I.}