Thanks for following along with our beautiful adventure. Wanderlust is in our bones, and wherever we go, we promise to share all we see and experience and learn.
We believe that travel changes us in the best way and opens are eyes to cultures, history, and experiences that can only happen on the road.
This Summer we’re taking a 4 week road trip with the whole family, and we’d love for you to follow along on the adventure.


Brian is the trip planning, conversion van driving hunk of a man who keeps this whole operation running smoothly.  Plus, he makes a mean guacamole.

Allison is the photo taking, word writing, back seat driving, fruit snack throwing momma who is always ready for an impromptu dance party.





We say her leadership skills will make her a great business owner one day. Resident 10 year old who is always up for a board game, horseback riding, or a cozy read through a Harry Potter novel.





Our Minecraft and Lego loving 8 year old. He’s a homebody with an itch for adventure. And he’s become a little addicted to sneaking up on his momma and scaring the screams right out of her.






Our 4 year old who loves hugs and kisses, all the Power Rangers, and snuggling anyone who’s willing.
His signature catch phrase is “I don’t know, so I don’t care.” Me nether bud. Me neither.





The final baby in the Dalke family, Lucy may be last, but she’ll make sure you know she’s not least. She’s a fireball of a toddler who can shake it at a dance party and really loves food.